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The Stud fee is to be paid in full before the breeding takes place. A $500 USD nonrefundable deposit is required to lock in the current rate and secure breeding with said stud. All deposits are non- refundable. However, if the STUD is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, the deposit can be transferred to another available stud owned by the STUD owner.

__1. Semen Collection/Shipping Costs
◦ Shipping and semen collection within the United States is is $350 flat rate, which includes semen, semen extender, priority Next Day shipping, and all packaging material necessary to ship chilled semen.
◦ International shipping fees will vary depending on collection method (frozen or chilled), type of shipment, location, and if any testing is required. Inquire for rates.
◦ Frozen semen can be shipped at the bitch’s owner expense and a quote will be supplied by the vet.

◦ The Stud Owner guarantees a healthy and viable semen sample at the time of the semen collection prior to shipping. The STUD owner is not responsible for delayed shipment due to carrier negligence or force majeure.
◦ The Stud Owner guarantees two live, healthy puppies in one breeding.
◦ If only two live and healthy puppy are produced by a bitch, a second breeding will be provided to the same bitch (at no additional charge for the STUD fee) within one year of this whelping, provided the Bitch Owner notifies the Stud Owner within 14 days of the whelping date. The bitch’s owner will be responsible for any additional semen collection and shipping expenses.
◦ If the bitch fails to conceive, a second breeding will be provided (at no charge for the STUD fee) on the bitch’s next heat cycle. The bitch’s owner will be responsible for any additional semen collection and shipping expenses. A substitute bitch may be used but will be solely at the Stud Owners discretions and subject to a $500 transfer fee.
◦ Progesterone testing is required and MUST be done by a licensed Veterinarian prior to all repeated breeding’s. Proof of said testing may be requested by Stud Owner at any time.
◦ Stud Owner has the right to request all documented proof of any and all breeding’s that results in only two live and healthy puppy, failure to conceive, or any other instances where less than two live puppies were produced.
◦ If no live and healthy puppies are produced from the repeat breeding, the Stud Owner is not required to issue any refunds and or credits unless the Stud is proven to not be able to produce viable sperm, to be determined by a licensed veterinarian.

◦ Litter Registration Applications will be signed by the Stud Owner immediately after confirmation is received by the bitch’s owners that the puppies has reached 2 weeks of age or after the pick of the litter has been chosen at 8 weeks.
◦ A copy of the Litter Registration Application(s) should be filled out by the bitch's owner with the litter and bitch information and submitted to the Stud Owner upon completion for final review and signature by the stud owner.

◦ The Bitch Owner guarantees that the bitch has not been exposed to any stud dog prior to being bred to this stud, and that she will be protected from such exposure after the breeding has taken place. If any question of parentage should arise, the Stud Owner reserves the right to request DNA testing of the puppies at the Bitch Owner's expense.
◦ The Bitch Owner agrees to contact the Stud Owner promptly after the puppies are born and report the sex andcolor of the puppies.
◦ Stud Owner has permission to share information with any owners of the sire's offspring or close relatives, as well as post the information on their website/Social media outlets. Proper credits will be given.

◦ If the STUD credit is not used within the first 2 years of the agreed contract date, the STUD owner(s) reserves the right to apply a fee for the entire cost of freezing and storage of the STUD’s semen, to the Bitch’s owner(s). This is to ensure the availability of the STUDs semen in the event of the STUD’s expiration or any unforeseen breeding impairment(s).
◦ The STUD credit may not be resold or transferred without the approval of the STUD owner(s) and is subject to a $500 transfer fee.

By Agreeing below, Born Legends Bully Kennel & all parties named during checkout are bound by the terms as set forth above.

I (We), the Female Owner(s) have read this contract, understand fully the contents thereof and acknowledge receipt of it. We are not relying on verbal statements not contained herein.

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Stud Agreement Terms & Conditions

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